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About Forest Africa

Our Story

Forest Africa Zambia Limited is a wholly owned Zambian company incorporated in 2017. The company is based in Lusaka with its offices and factory in Chilanga Mapepe area. The company specializes in the production of local scrumptious juices, jams, and other non-timber-based forest products derived from indigenous wild fruits, including Baobab, African Medlar and Monkey Bread. Forest Africa (Z) Limited operates a zero-waste philosophy where all parts of the baobab fruit are used efficiently. The fruit powder is processed into Mabuyu Juice, the Baobab seeds are pressed into an exquisite top notch non greasy oil used for skin and hair care while the shells are converted into eco-friendly charcoal briquettes that are used as energy source at our factory. Additionally, some seeds are reserved for reforestation of the baobab trees with over 3,000 plants available at our factory. The Management team’s vision is not just to be another processing company but also to provide tailor made products to our customers that provide them with adequate nutrition, acceptable taste, and quality worth their money on a consistent basis.

The Forest Africa (Z) Ltd model is underpinned by creating a ready market for wild fruits based on the principles of Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) by enhancing local community’s ability to adapt to climate change and build their resilience to climate impacts using their locally available natural resources such as wild fruit trees; Forest Africa Zambia Limited creates strategic partnerships with its stakeholders in contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The works we do at village level provides the much-needed income at rural level communities and gives some relief to vulnerable Women and Youth at rural community level. The company has created permanent employment for Zambians at our factory. The project has potential to create more and better jobs for Women and Youth. The manufactured products are directly supplied to over 200 retail outlets in and around Lusaka, Southern and Copperbelt Provinces and have been positively received on the market. We are currently planning to expand to other parts of the country. Additionally, we are also exploring the export market to our neighbouring countries.

Our operational model is a positive development in uplifting vulnerable rural community lives and employment creation in Zambia whilst contributing to sustained nutrition, as wild fruits are natural, organic and have a potent nutritional profile.

“Wild fruits, like life’s unexpected treasures, grow hidden and untamed, revealing their beauty to those who dare to venture off the beaten path.”




To be the leading supplier of natural forest and agricultural products within and outside Zambia.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve the distinction of becoming the leading producer and supplier of highly nutritious, natural organic forest and agricultural products that exceed client’s expectations without compromising our values, principles, safety and the natural environment.

Our Core Values


Environmental Program

Forest Africa model promotes pragmatism and protection of biodiversity. We acknowledge that sustainability of the business will only be guaranteed if we also give back to the Forest through reforestation and afforestation efforts. We have over 3000 baobab plantlets ready for planting including the African Medlar and Monkey Bread. Through accumulation of seeds due to wild fruit processing, we are better placed to initiate wild fruit nurseries in selected catchment areas which will be adopted and managed by rural communities who are currently incentivized through the sale of wild fruits to Forest Africa. This model will also feed into our future plans for the carbon market.